Jesus the True Vine

Series: The Gospel of John


This Sunday's sermon in John 15:1-17 follows Jesus' words saying, "Rise, let us go from here." Jesus and the eleven disciples have left the upper room to go to the garden where he would be arrested. Certainly, a vineyard would be a visual to illustrate "God's vineyard" since it is a frequent Old Testament designation of Israel. Repeatedly the prophets called Israel an unfruitful vineyard (nation) soon to be replaced with a more fruitful one. Jesus is the faithful remnant of Israel—the true Vine and fruitful Vineyard.
The organic union we have with Him is of His grace from start to finish. "Jesus the True Vine" means that we are "in Christ" receiving from Him the nutrients (salvation life) we desperately need.

Speaker: Mike Avato

October 11, 2020

John 15:1-16'>John 15:1-16

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