Three Witnesses to His Glory

November 29, 2020 | Ben Boyan
    This Sunday we are going to look at Psalm 19:1-14. This passage shows that God has three witnesses to His glory: Creation, His Word, and His Spirit.
    1. Creation declares the glory of God by revealing God’s divine nature and eternal power.
    2. His Word, both written and in the person of Jesus Christ, reveal the character of God, that is, His heart, will, commandments, holiness, sovereignty, and in his directing and control over all of history, which is also known as his providence.
    3. The Holy Spirit bears witness to the Word in the heart of the restored soul.
    The restored soul delights in all three testimonies of God, for by them they recognize their own sinfulness and need for a savior which they find in Christ alone—their Rock and Redeemer.